Shopping spree

Today, all my family members are gathering together to spend half a day on holiday shopping. Aha, Spring festival, the traditional Chinese new year is just around the corner, it seems that the whole nation is on the shopping spree. Everywhere, the crowd are splashing out a lot of money on goods . All kinds of fruits are  almost sold out. There are always  long queues at the butcher’s. If you can’t image that scene, just recall what happened when iPhone 4 was released. 🙂 yup , iPhone and iPad are selling like hot cakes and Steven Jobs are riding high. The same with  butchers and other vendors.  Maybe about a month ago, people around the nation were complaining about the soaring price. It seems that all of us have forgotten this pain and everyone has money to burn.


Ubuntu 10.10

Aha, I am writing this blog on my lappy with a USB stick preloaded with Ubuntu 10.10. Everything works very well.  Due to some known reasons, Ubuntu does not support MP3 format naturally.  You have to install plug-in or decoders to listen all you mp3 files.  Just go to Software Centre and just like a breeze.



Welcome to OpenSource world. I will stick with Ubuntu for my whole life.


I wanna be a good teacher

Just about a year ago, I decided to quit my job. It’s a cushy job, but I was tired of being stuck in the rut. I just wanna try something new. From that spot on, a journey  of self-evaluation started.  Actually, this really took some time.  Fortunately, my hunch is that I am a good teacher. So after I heard my call, I made up my mind and now I am proud of the decision I’ve made. I will carry my committment on.