Wake up and smell the coffee

I am writing this post with a heavy mind but I will try my best to sort all things out. Recently wife and I are always  quarreling with each other. Both of us can’t accept the other’s ideas and failed to listen to the other at the same time.  I know it is not a good phase and we have to change the situation.

I will have to sit another meaningless but rather important exam in some 20 days, in the meantime, I have to spare some time for my students who are attending access course.

Still, the preparation for the civilian servant exams will never end. It is time to wake up and smell the coffee. “Stop fooling around on the Internet or elsewhere.” I warn myself but I will take some time to write down my feelings for sure.


Ubuntu 11.04

Aha, the world is moving fast, right? okay, I have to try my best to keep abreast with it. Recently, I am really tired of Windows Vista, W7 stuff. So Ubuntu comes to my mind immediately. Yup, after an online check, Ubuntu 11.04 has just been released. Bingo!

Ubuntu 11.04 is far better than previous versions.  It is very impressive for me. out of the box experience. I still remember the last version, I failed to get my WIFI work properly. In this version, everything works perfectly without a glitch. I don’t have to install drivers.

It works like a charm.