I was taking a bus home when two passengers boarded. Then they began to talk with each other.  At first, I didn’t pay much attention to their conversation at all. Their words and voices just like something that completely out of my world. Or just like you are listening to some music while you are lost in your deep reflection, so you don’t remember what you have listened.  I kind of like  this feeling, to me, it’s more like a meditation.

Then suddenly, my conscious mind weighed in and started to analyze what they were talking about.  Oh dear! I could not understand a single word! “Are they foreigners? ” this splashed through my mind. Since they are no different from me both in color and figure and they are in the manner of locals. I realized that Continue reading Babel!



It’s exiting to learn online from top rated universities all over the world! I have chosen a few courses to finish this year. It’s really a big challenge for me.

1.College Writing 2.1x