Ubuntu 10.10

Aha, I am writing this blog on my lappy with a USB stick preloaded with Ubuntu 10.10. Everything works very well.  Due to some known reasons, Ubuntu does not support MP3 format naturally.  You have to install plug-in or decoders to listen all you mp3 files.  Just go to Software Centre and just like a breeze.



Welcome to OpenSource world. I will stick with Ubuntu for my whole life.



I wanna be a good teacher

Just about a year ago, I decided to quit my job. It’s a cushy job, but I was tired of being stuck in the rut. I just wanna try something new. From that spot on, a journey  of self-evaluation started.  Actually, this really took some time.  Fortunately, my hunch is that I am a good teacher. So after I heard my call, I made up my mind and now I am proud of the decision I’ve made. I will carry my committment on.